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The Process Intelligence Roadshow is coming to Asian and Australia and I guess it’s time to highlight my favorite presentations so far.

Process Intelligence Roadshow

I will start with a presentation from Bayer Healthcare with a promising title: Proactive Process Monitoring at Bayer Healthcare. It was held by Susan Sergo. <!--more-->Bayer Healthcare replaced its SAP KPI scorecard with ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) for monitoring timely process order execution, to identify errors and incomplete transactions within inventory and to do quality inspections. In one sentence - Bayer needed to monitor SAP timely data entry and inventory accurately without having a lot of resources. The company was facing the following challenges with its existing scorecard implementation:

  • Need to monitor SAP timely data entry and inventory accurately.
  • Existing Scorecard problems: Not adequate for timely alerts (Currently issued weekly)/ Labor-intensive/ Not stable enough
  • Additional KPI’s needed: Difficult to program/ One person bottleneck

Bayer implemented ARIS Process Performance Manager to solve these problems. After the implementation the company was able to achieve these benefits:

  • Daily reporting of business process performance
  • Process analysis capabilities in the hands of managers
  • Elimination of manual creation of SAP Scorecard
  • Scalable application can be used for many other processes
  • Ability to analyze data source other than SAP

Bayer Healthcare implemented ARIS PPM including:

  • KPIs, as generated through today’s SAP Scorecard
  • As-Executed Process Models (Event-Driven process Chain)
  • Reports from ARIS Process Performance Manager on KPI Metrics using ARIS Performance Dashboard
  • Training materials

To work with the tooling, Bayer conducted training at three levels. For viewing users (to view KPI & act on problems identified), for Managers (for in depth process analysis) and for Business analysts (for ARIS PPM configuration). It was mentioned that the most difficult part was to agree on the KPI’S. It’s important to have the support of the management when it comes to agreeing on numbers when a KPI is met and when it failed. There are a lot of political hassle.

My favorite statement from Susan: With transparency comes accountability!

Here you see a sample dashboard from Bayer Healthcare. It is an SAP Scorecard on a department level:

a sample dashboard from Bayer Healthcare an SAP Scorecard on a department level

You can catch the roadshow on Nov. 18 in Shanghai, Nov. 26 in Singapore and on Dec. 02 in Sydney. Join the shows and see Process Intelligence live and in action. You can find the agendas on the website at:

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