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We are in the middle of the migration Aris7.2 to Aris9.8.
In the ist situation we have MashZone 2.3 and this works perfect with Oracle11g (when finally the right JDBC-Driver was found).

The MashZone 9.8 is now installed and I'm trying to get a connection to an Oracle12c database....(under administration/database connection etc).
I put (manually) the file ojdbc14.jar in the map jdbcdrivers then I stop/start the mashzone services... but the new driver does not pop-up in the JDBC driver selection bar (only the 2 default drivers).
The test-connetion answers to me "Unable to find JDBC driver class "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" connecting to database "AIAS2"

So I have some questions:
1. the documentation says that you 'have' to use ACC to upload the JDBC drivers, so does this mean that it can not be done manually ?
2. where on the server are the 2 default drivers installed (I can't seen these files in the map jdbcdrivers) 
3. is the ojdbc14.jar the right driver for oracle12c

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