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Yesterday evening we had a nice walk through the streets of Madrid and enjoyed a gorgeous dinner in a typical Spanish restaurant. Second day at Sapphire NOW in rainy Madrid.

9:15 am: Keynote of Vishal is starting now!
Vishal begins with innovations and potential the future offers.
Flash-back in the past, computer replaced compasses and paper maps.
Physical things indeed disappear and are being replaced by bits and bytes. History and time is change and new experiences.
As this famous guy ;-) said :"it is not the strongest species that survives but the ones that are most adaptive to Change".
Change the way we do things = change business processes.

"Freedom to innovate. New apps. New experiences. With Mobility. With cloud. With in-memory. And non-disruption"

Vishal shares three lessons learned with us.

Lesson learned 1:
SAP innovations can enable a fundamental simplification of your landscape
Simplifying means giving a stable support for taking decisions in going deep and broad in real-time, with high-speed and without pre-fabrication.
Taking decisions to go for the right business processes or process changes.
What took three days before now takes THREE SECONDS!

Lesson learned 2:
SAP is bringing these innovations to renew all their platforms and systems.Going over the high number of 65,000 SAP NetWeaver systems worldwide, we once again tackle the BPM topic!

SAP NW BPM supports BPMN 2.0 and collaborative Business Process Modeling.
Innovations, technical implementations and developments all refer to BUSINESS PROCESSES! Without processes, no innovation, no apps, no business!
On Tuesday at Teched Sinje Seidler, Product Manager ARIS for SAP at Software AG, and her SAP colleague Harsh Jegadeesan, Product Manager at SAP for SAP Business Process and Composition Organization presented how it will work in the future with BPMN 2.0 exchange between ARIS and SAP NW BPM for implementation and execution of business processes in SAP NW BPM.
Around 60 people heard the presentation and gave very positive feedback that this the way to go and what they need.

AS RED BULL comes on stage in formula 1 racing outfits to demo how they reduced their DB size by 80% with SAP HANA, I agree to go for one of their drinks to survive this long Sapphire day ;-)

Red Bull

Lesson learned 3:
These innovations can empower end-users and vastly extend their reach.
This supports change, decision making and effective business processes.

My personal conclusion: to take control of business we need innovation as well as fast and secure design making for everyone in the company. For sure. But not only data knowledge, also process knowledge!

Now back to the booth 716 hall 7 to discuss this and further topics with customers.


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