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ARIS 9.8 brings great new features for ARIS Cloud, ARIS Business Process Analysis, and ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Management.

ARIS Business Process Analysis focuses on increased user adoption, higher effectiveness and BPMN enhancements.

Some highlights:

  • ARIS Connect now supports enhanced modeling and reporting capabilities as well as more self-service configuration possibilities.
  • Reuse analysis results as information source and quickly update your ARIS models with contextual information
  • BPMN modeling enhancements and extensions
  • Enhanced use of governance workflows
  • Configurable Sharepoint 2013 integration

Quickly reuse structures through copy & paste                          Define your own colors for heat matrices

ARIS Cloud is available in three editions: the Basic and Advanced editions are available for the public cloud and the Enterprise edition for the private cloud. The new version offers enhanced end-user features from ARIS Connect and ARIS Architect as well as improved communication capabilities. Find more information on

ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Management offers enhanced risk management capabilities. Customers can define their own qualitative assessment criteria with individual impact types and frequency intervals. This enables much more flexible use of risk heat maps.

Visit us at InnovationDay 2015 to discuss with our ARIS experts. You will get an overview on the new features of ARIS 9.8 and more information on the upcoming ARIS Mobile and its PowerON betaprogram.

For more detailed information on the ARIS 9.8 features please see attached ARIS 9.8 features overview.


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