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I was hoping to get your advice on the topic of capturing projects/initiatives in ARIS Cloud. Within my organization, management would like to use existing ARIS business process models (level 4 - Enterprise BPMNC ollaboration Diagram) and show tasks within those processes, that are impacted by some ongoing projects/initiatives (not utilizing task attribute, but by adding seperate object - easy to spot while looking at the whole level 4 model). In essence, desired result is to be able to diplay a current business process, enriched with all projects/initiatives visible as objects next to each impacted task (ideally with full name of project/initiative displayed on mouse-over or as result of clicking on each project/initiative object). Would you be able to suggest a way of effectively adding this type of details to business process model in ARIS, while staying in line with BPMN 2.0 modeling convention?

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