Hi All,

We are migrating from ARIS 9.8.4 to 10.0.1 and would like to know the approach for the same. I think it should be fairly simple like:

- Backup all ADBs

- Backup all filter, template, user, usergroups etc


Run a fresh installation of ARIS 10.0.1 on the same server and than import all the above to finish.



- Is the above approach correct? Do we need a fresh database installation also and run the db scripts again? Can we use the same database with credentials which we created for ARIS 9.8?

- Can we installl ARIS 10.0.1 on the same server and later uninstall ARIS 9.8? Will this work?

- Can we restore all data as above? Will we be able to restore the ARIS ADBs in the new 10.0.1 environment?


Thanks a lot in advance.