I'm  adding a text into the model via a script and an additional requirement here is I dont to want the "Last Change" and "Last User" system attributes of the model to be changed.

To achieve this below are the steps used in the script :
1)calling setAutoTouch(false) 
2)adding the text(via logic) into the model
3)saving the model via ArisData.Save(Constants.SAVE_IMMEDIATELY) 
4)calling setAutoTouch(true).

Please note : setAutoTouch(false) - disable system attributes updates and setAutoTouch(true) - enables system attributes updates.

However after executing the script we're experiencing wierd behaviour where we need to specifically go to each model to save the changes(which means the models are written but are not yet commit via script).

Can someone pls guide is anything is missing here ?

Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Report ARIS Report Scripting ARIS script