Hey community,

unfortunately I have a big problem. :( Yesterday I was running an experiment. Everything worked out fine until it CRASHED at the 82nd configuration.... A message appeared telling me "Problem: Contact your system admin" or something...

Alright... the program seemed to be frozen and I closed it down. I tried to restart it from scratch... For some reason I couldn't connect to my local server. It told me I have no license. I tried again again and again but it wouldn't connect.

The next idea I had was to reenter my license (there is a opportunity in the setup menu). I did. Still the same problem.

I reinstalled ARIS completely and it seems to work fine again BUT my entire DATABASE is gone.


Why did the experiment crash?! Will it do it again?

And is it possible to restore my database somehow? 


Please guys help me!!! I need this for my thesis :/

Thank you so much!




Tags: ARIS ARIS Architect Configuration excel simulation