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Do you wonder how your process models correspond to reality? Are you overlooking a way to make your processes better? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know if processes are executed the way they were modeled or, even better, if not, to see why and how to change it?

Prove the value of your daily work and make better decisions based on powerful visualizations using reliable process mining and data analytics.

ARIS enable you to combine process design with process mining and fully use analysis to provide actual measured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) side-by-side with documented to-be processes.

This gives you transparency so you can see how the processes are supposed to run and if they meet real-time KPIs so you can make reliable business decisions, day by day. Use the results to simulate and dynamically analyze business processes to identify the best way to improve them.

You can:

  • Identify low-running processes with discrepancies or structural faults
  • Find delays and the root causes of problems
  • Identify gaps, issues and opportunities before implementation
  • Improve processes to perform better, cheaper and faster
  • Measure performance through simulation before execution

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