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Are you interested in freedom of choice when documenting additional information in ARIS? Then I’m sure this new ARIS 10 SR 14 feature will blow your mind!

Let me introduce the new "documentation" fact sheet in the ARIS Enterprise portal. This new feature will allow you to create, consume and contribute additional model or object contents that typically are kept in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or other related documents in an appealing way.

How does it look like? Read on!

This new feature allows you to complement your busines process with additional information.

Profit from a very quick and convenient way of creating & documenting formatted content and make it available for consumption. All ARIS viewers will be able to consume the new factsheet and anybody who can contribute or edit information can work on it (minimum required: ARIS Enterprise Viewer Pro license).

You can copy & paste content from webpages, or from existing documents, insert links, upload images and format everything quick and easy.

Link new images or browse existing images in the ARIS Document Storage.

Contents of this new attribute are kept in the database and pictures are saved in the ARIS document storage.

Editing can be done via ARIS Enterprise portal only.

You would like to see that feature in action? So, what are you waiting for? Go to the learning portal to watch the recording of the ARIS 10.0 SR14 Enterprise Core delta training.

BTW this new feature makes rollout and change management with ARIS even easier!