Dear Community,

meanwhile we have several Aris Express installations in our company and installing each was horrible and I always frightened if someone asks for getting Aris Express installed on his computer.

Just now I become desperate by activating Aris Express on another computer. I enter username and password and then I get the message that the programm isn't able to connect to the community. On former installations I tried to go back and push the button again and eventually after several tries the programm was able to connect. Not in this case. I've checked twice every point at your installation FAQ. I've reinstalled the JAVA runtime as well as Aris Express itself. I tried with manual and automatic proxy settings, as amin and as user. All that didn't help. I'm still not able to activate.

Any suggestions what I can do else? Aris express is nice if it has been activated once, but the way until that point every time costs me several hours.


Kind Regards




Tags: installation aris express Java