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I've used ARIS Express for couple of weeks for evaluation purposes. Now the whole thing won't start any more. This is what happens when I start to it:

  1. The Java 6 window flashes on the dispaly and disapperas
  2. Dialog appears stating: Unable to launch Application
  3. When I click on Details button following stack trace appears:

CouldNotLoadArgumentException[ Could not load file/URL specified: C:\Documents and Settings\wmmalaj\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\45\72b5016d-4f46ea92]
 at com.sun.javaws.Main.launchApp(Unknown Source)
 at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source)
 at com.sun.javaws.Main$ Source)
 at Source)

It seems some mystical cache file is disappeared? I don't know what to do, I kind of liked the tool, but cannot afford to fight with problems like this.