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I'm using the Process Live Free Trial to test for a customer how everything works and have a few questions:

1. I filled the Link1 attribute in the 'Capture Data' environment with a web address and that works, but if I fill in a link of a file on my computer (C:\...) the execution doesn't work.

2. Also if I fill in the link of a document stored in Process Live I get a message 'Page cannot be displayed'.

3. How can I execute a link when I am in the 'Browse Content' environment.

4. In ARIS 7.2 it is possible to view occurences and relationships of objects with the Properties. Is that also possible in Process Live?

5. Is it possible to incorporate video's in the ARIS flow, for exemple in the same way it can be done with pictures (Graphic)?

6. I have imported a database (language Dutch) and I see 'untitled' model, objects and folders. I think the language setting is not correct. Can I change this somewhere?


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