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Process Intelligence is the ability to understand business processes and knowledge how to use them effectively.  Crucial role in understanding the business  play the 'end-to-end processes”. "End-to-end process" starts and ends in the market. An example of "end-to-end process» for telecommunications companies is a process of "Connecting client". This process begins with the filing of client requests for connection, which reflects the customer's need for services. This process “connecting client” will end when the client will be able to use the service. Connection process can include the following processes:

  • processing of customer's request;
  • identification of technical capability of connectivity;
  • signing the contract with the client;
  • "last mile" workout;
  • payments for services connected;
  • installation of subscriber equipment.

It should be noted that the result of "end-to-end process” is significant for both customer and company. Indeed, service connectiob is important for the client. From the perspective of the company, important thing is not the number of prisoners with customer’s contracts, but the number of connected clients.

Principles of forming “end-to-end processes”

Very important fact is that the telecommunications business has an opportunity to use international experience, as reflected on the map of telecom operations, eTOM. It should be emphasized, that the eTOM contains only transactions rather than "end-to-end processes". eTOM as a model of operations includes  steps   which are forming various processes. Therefore, the criteria of the completeness of the “end-to-end processes” can be determined with respect to the operations contained in the eTOM. Principles of formation of the main "end-to-end processes" may be presented in the form of questions, placed in the cells eTOM-matrix "Operational processes" (Fig. 1).

Full list of main "end-to-end processes”, which can be formed in accordance with described  principles, is shown in Fig. 2. Processes generated from the column of eTOM, displayed the same color as the column.

Full list of main "end-to-end processes”



Thus, Process Intelligence for telecommunications business focuses  on the "end-to-end processes". Using described principles one can generate model of the “end-to-end processes”. This model was used in many projects for telecommunications companies and it has significantly reduced the costs of these projects.

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