I work as a project manager in a regional state administration. I just change my job and was a former user of Aris Business Designer and IT Architect. In my new job there is no such tools and i am using Aris Express to demonstrate the value of a more structured approach of business and IT needs to fill the business/IT gap.

I understand that Express must not have the full capabilities of other Aris product but it is interesting for me to use Express to show all the steps to follow for a project from business vision to IT specs.

My needs :

- Fonctional view : between the process view (with some level of decomposition based on EPC model) and the application view (with some level of decomposition based on system landscape model ) i use a functional view where i can organize and decompose the business functions in a city planning way (zone, quartier, ilôt, bloc fonctionnel in french this is the "vue urbanisée du SI").

Bypass : I try to use the System landscape model with other colors on the application system class object and use a prefix on the name (Z-xxx for zone,... Fxxx for function) in this case i need a missing link in the process model,  the possibility to link an activity (type : function) to one of my function level (type : application system class). It will also be nice to have the possibility to change not only the color of the object but also the picture on the upper left corner of the object.

Thanks in advance for answers.