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upgrading our ARIS server with ARIS98 for the new university year, i want to optimize ARIS user management in our context. Let me present our use case... In our university, 3 departments are using the ARIS server

- the computing department for 120 students (licence). initiation on ARIS,  only model design  with a standard report

- the computing department for 120 students (master). project of 10 weeks, with a complete design of business requirements and two solutions, a centralized one on ERP, and a "best of breed" one. They have to build their one report script, and to use some tools (generation of model, comparison, matrixs...

- the engineering department, for 90 student (master), focusing on business analysis and requirements

- the DISP laboratory for use in 2 or 3 thesis (model, script, evaluation, XML export)

Last year, we have created 4 ARIS tenants, to separate manual management of users; database and scripts... But that requires 4 licences... and the management of tenants (at this moment, issue with upgrading tenants..)

So, could you give an advice on the better solution based on your experience, depending of the following questions:

1/ separate tenants for each department. ?

2/ use of LDAP synchornisation (not possible last year because our system admin need not find how to code password in exchange betwwen ARIS and LDAP...)

3/ definition of ARIS group using automatic assignement of user group based on LDAP attributes..

thanks for your help