Hello everyone

Last week we managed to connect ARIS to our customer's Active Directory successfully. Now the windows users can easily access ARIS using <dc>\<windows_user> at the time of logging in. 

The customer wants to have all their employees using the <windows_user> without having to type "<dc>\" beforehand. Here's an example

Current situation

Expected situation

From what we've done sor far is that the IT specialist suggested us to uncheck the "Activate multiple LDAP integration" option in Configuration/User Management/LDAP/General Settings. However, it didn't work.

Is there any way to address this?

Thank you very much for your assistance

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EDIT: at this moment I have used the option "Activate multiple LDAP integration" unchecked then "Additional Functions" / "Start LDAP Import". After that, I click on a particular user and then I click the "Synchronize with LDAP" button and it's been working on most users. 

Now my question is, is there a way to massively synchronize with the LDAP server without going one by one?