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In my last post, I showed to you a simple process modeling example based on the “Schwenker” menu from Saarland. The process used was just a step-by-step instruction. Today, I show you a little bit more complicated process in order to prepare “Mehlknepp”.

Have you ever been in Saarland for a culinary journey? Saarland has four „Michelin-Star houses”. Two of them are the Victor`s gourmet restaurant Schlossberg in Perl- Nennig of Christian Bau and the guest house in Saarbrücken of Klaus Erfort. They achieved the best evaluation with 3 stars. Those restaurants belong to the nine best restaurants of Germany.

Everyone could cook in a saarländisch way, let´s see how:

Compared to my previous process model, this one is a little bit more complex. It includes a loop to ensure the Mehlknepp have the correct consistency before they get boiled. If they don’t have the correct consistency yet, you need to add milk or flour.

There are different possibilities to experience the “Mehlknepp”. You can take them as starter with salad or as main dish for example as “Geheirade” (another Saarland menu but you have to mix them with fried potatoes) or as dessert with apple sauce.

Serve them with sauce or escallop them! “Mehlknepp” are easy to cook and easy to variegate!

So long, have fun cooking “Mehlknepp”.

preview of Mehlknepp recipe as Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) (Professional ARIS)
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