Hello community, 

currently I'm facing a problem when configuring hierarchies in ARIS Connect Portal. I'm relatively new to the connect version so maybe I just didn't get something ;) 

According to my understanding in the hierarchy creation dialog I can select the items and their properties defined within the items tab. In terms of a group hierarchy (so using the group item as first element in the hierarchy) I only can select the "Models"-Property which contains a few model types.

As I want to show all models that are located within the folder, I was wondering how I can change this "Models"-Property. For me it seems like this is part of a property of the Group item. Is this correct? Is there a way to edit the properties of the Group item, as it is not editable in the "Define modification set" page. 

In the end I want to create a hierarchy that is simply showing the group navigation tree with all its models.

Can someone help me with this? 

Thank you in advance!


Tags: ARIS Cloud ARIS Connect