Hello Aris Community,
when we have migrated from ARIS 7.x to ARIS 10, we got to a strange deadlock.

In ARIS 7.x we have used UML 1.4 class diagrams to model business objects relationships. This was very helpful, because the same UML Class shown in UML Class diagram was available in the process model as business object, so could serve as input or output.

After the upgrade to ARIS 10, the UML 1.4 class diagram could not open and error message that old v.7.x UML 1.4 class model was displayed suggesting the conversion to ARIS 10 class diagram that uses UML 2.5.

So I did the conversion ... and result are a very nice UML Class diagrams in UML 2.5 that cannot be viewed in Architect, but only in UML Designer and UML classes cannot be used in the process models. So I have a major problem now.

I can re-create new UML 1.4 class models from scratch again, but that would mean to recreate hundreds of classes and hundreds of relationships.

In other words I have not found a way how to upgrade the UML 1.4 class models from v.7.x to UML 1.4 class models in ARIS 10. Is there any reasonable way?

P. S. I am attaching the screenshot of the message when I try to open UML model from ARIS 7 in new ARIS 10. The only path outlined is conversion to UML 2.5. So I have two options:

  • keep UML 1.4 classes from ARIS 7 —> I can use the classes in the process models, but Class diagram cannot be opened in Architect ARIS 10
  • convert classes from ARIS 7 to ARIS 10 —> I still cannot open the class diagrams in Architect and in addition I cannot even use the classes in Process models. Only way how to work with objects and models is to open them in UML Architect. At least they can be viewed in ARIS Connect.

Am I missing anything? I don't want to believe that by upgrade to ARIS 10 we have lost so much functionality.