I have a custom attribute with preset values. I have assigned various AMF-files to the values.

In diagrams, I choose to show the attribute as a symbol. So far so good.

Unfortunately, the symbol is too large; it is roughly two lines of text when I want it to be only one line of text high. I have experimented quite much with the area, but am stuck. I have even imported an AMF from an ARIS 8(?) installation that had correct size, into my Aris 10, where the latter shows the symbol too large. I currently use ARIS 10sp2.

Details: Too get a small icon, I derived a new symbol from ARIS Stock symbol "Abort". I just draw a red square in the symbol editor. Saved as AMF.

Can anyone give a solution hint, or better, share an AMF that I can modify that is just one line of text.

Thanks for any advice :)