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Continue to sharpen your product skills and knowledge by enrolling into one of many training courses Software AG offers all year round. You'll discover new ways to leverage full functionality of your Software AG product solution while learning how-to’s and best practices from one of our Certified Instructors.  Software AG is committed to offering a wide array of product training designed to ensure your success through variety of learning options (remote, mentoring and classroom) to meet your individual needs.

Business Process Modeling w/ ARIS Business Designer
8/1 – 8/2 Reston, VA & Remote Learning - EST
9/12 – 9/13 Reston, VA & Remote Learning - EST
10/3 - 10/4 Reston, VA & Remote Learning - EST

Managing ARIS Projects w/ ARIS Business Architect
8/3 – 8/4 Reston, VA - EST
9/14 – 9/15 Reston, VA - EST
10/5 – 10/6 Reston, VA - EST

Implementing Process-Driven SAP Solutions w/ ARIS for SAPO
8/5 (Only 1 Day) Reston, VA & Remote Learning – EST
10/7 (Only 1 Day) Reston, VA & Remote Learning – EST
12/9 (Only 1 Day) Reston, VA & Remote Learning - EST

Designing & Improving IT Architectures w/ ARIS ITA
8/9 (Only 1 Day) Reston, VA
12/13 – 12-14 Remote Learning – MST

Contact Education Services at US-TRAINING@SOFTWAREAG.COM OR 1(866) TEACH IT to register.

**If you have 5 or more please contact Software AG today! We can add a location near you! 

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