I have heard about possibility to cross-connect mockups elaborated in Balzamiq and the ARIS artefacts. What I hjave succeeded until now:

I can connect ARIS diagrams with Balsamiq mockup: In the ARIS Connect I copy the diagram URL and insert it into the Balzamiq screen as a link. This work and it is nice.

However, I cannot found a solution how to link an an element in Balsamiq with a data element in ARIS. The objects in ARIS Connect dont have it's URL link.

I also tried to copy the Object properties - Shortcut in ARIS Architect and insert it into the Balsamiq as a link, but that does not work neither. Clicking on the link will download the ARIS jar and once opened - nothing happens except the Architect starts with the main screen. And each clicking on the link in Balsamiq leads to new and new download of the ARIS jar. 

Does anybody has an experience or some information how can be done cross-connection at the ARIS object?

Thank you in advance.