we are planing the migration our Aris Version (Design Server, Connect) from 9.8.7 to 10.0.5.

The data migration guide describes the manually db migration.

The exports (.adb-files) of our 2 biggest dbs are 1.6 and 2.2 GB.

Im "just" the server administrator, my colleague is the aris-admin who will do most of the migration work. But export and import with the aris architect client last time did take more than 8 hours for one off the 2 dbs.

Therefore my colleage asked if there is a faster way of migrating the databases. We are using an external oracle db.

Would it be possible to do the db migration in the oracle environment?

Or are there ways to script the db export import via the acc to let it run over the weekend or night time?

Thanks for any support!


Tags: ARIS 10