As a part of modeling the company's organisational structure, we have come across the below scenario:

We have our ordinary, hierarchical organisation structure where we break down the company's organisation into business units, departments and sections and attach Job Positions where relevant.

Aside from this ordinary structure, we also have anumber of security organisations. These are essentially smaller organisation hierarchies, seperate from the ordinary organisation hierarchy, with its own sections and job positions.

However, even so that the hierarchies are entirely seperate, the Job Positions in the security organisation are assigned to specific Job Positions in the ordinary organisation hierarchy. How would you recommend that a connection is made to reflect this? Connecting Job Positions in ARIS allows the connection types "is technical superior to", "is disciplinary superior to", "substitutes for" and "is organisation manager for". Neither of these seem to be apt for this scenario.

Any ideas or previous experiences on how this should be modelled according to ARIS method?