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Today, ARIS is used by many partners to enhance their offerings. Getting to a state where every major middleware vendor is using and recommending ARIS, was a long way to go. Today, I like to share with you the history behind Oracle BPA Suite, which is an OEM version of ARIS sold by Oracle.

In 2004, the ARIS Implementation Platform consisted of only two parts: ARIS for mySAP and P2A (Processes2Applications) approach. The latter mainly referred to ARIS UML Designer and business process based software engineering.

ARIS Implementation Platform in 2004

At this time, the BPEL standard became more and more known and accepted and so IDS Scheer was frequently asked when (not if) we will support this standard in ARIS, too. After a first analysis we decided to create a new diagram type as part of ARIS standard methodology and considered this as enough. How naive we were ;-)

At the same time, the topic SOA entered the hype stadium and also IDS Scheer had to take a stand regarding it. Our decision: Let’s make a new product for the major SOA use cases, mainly the transformation of business processes into BPEL and the export to execution platforms. Beginning of 2005, IDS Scheer announced the upcoming support of BPEL in ARIS.

Within a couple of weeks, certain companies called me to ask if we could work together. All of them had the same problem: They wanted to sell to their customers systems implementing business processes and many of the customers said “Fine, my processes are already documented in ARIS. Of course you are able to use them as input, don’t you”? The names of the companies: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, BEA, Fujitsu and others.

With all of them, we had discussions about possible partnerships and with most of them we have good partnerships today. Especially the contact to Oracle was difficult, because SAP was always our strongest partner and we knew that SAP and Oracle are good enemies. So IDS Scheer headquarter was a little bit hesitating, but the colleagues from IDS Scheer US were driving the discussion with verve and in first quarter of 2006 the contract took concrete form. At this point, it was clear that we are talking about an OEM version of ARIS as part of the Oracle Fusion middleware stack. The contract got signed in summer 2006 and the first project phase started.

Some weeks ago, Oracle released the 11G release of their Fusion middleware stack. It includes Oracle BPA Suite, which includes an OEM version of ARIS. In my next post I will give you a detailed overview of what is possible with this product.

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