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SAP is going the SOA path now and offers a central repository, the so – called SAP Enterprise Services Repository. This is a central container including all SAP enterprise services and their metadata. Based on ARIS for SAP, this repository can now be used to map SAP enterprise services with concrete company process steps.

After discovering and analyzing processes and services, you generate a blueprint with concrete service assignments and requirements. The new release of ARIS for SAP allows a unique integration with the Enterprise Services Repository and enables process-driven SOA based on SAP ESR. 

ARIS: enable process-driven SOA based on SAP ESR


  • Fast search of the relevant services for your specific business processes
  • Easy definition and blueprinting of new service requirements based on business process and service analysis
  • Complete business process description, from standard SAP transaction to SAP enterprise services and customer-defined functions

Click this link to watch a short movie about the ARIS - ESR integration. The new ARIS ESR integration (starting with ESR 7.11 version) supports the following functions:

  • Browse ESR from the ARIS front-end
  • Merge ESR objects into the ARIS enterprise database
  • Perform structured searches for enterprise services in the SAP service viewer
  • Obtain additional service information with SDN help connection and WSDL display
  • Add enterprise services to business processes
  • Run GAP analyses – create service requests in ARIS and implement them in ESR
  • Reporting – automatically generate ESR business blueprints

Fasten your SAP SOA project and tightly align business and IT with the new ARIS - ESR integration. You can get a detailed overview in our webcast about ARIS - ESR integration this Thursday. This webcast is of course free of charge. 

ARIS: enable process-driven SOA based on SAP ESR

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