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Hello Community,

today I like to share with you the next version of the "Model and Lanes (Matrix)" report, which is titled now "Models and Objects (Matrix)" (see attachment).

This enhanced version offers the following additional features, mainly driven by a customer request:

  1. New parameter for the object type to print in the header columns
  2. New parameter to trim the object names
  3. New parameter to support a not case sensitive sorting
  4. New parameter to define the font size

The enhancements in detail:

1. Parameter for the object type to print in the header columns

In default you can select from the list the following types: Lanes, Functions, Events, Organizational Units.

2. Parameter to trim the object names

If this parameter is checked, it will force the report to trim the object names (remove trailing spaces from them). This will guarantie that names like "End" and "End " will be collected under one single column.

3. Parameter to support a not case sensitive sorting

We have identified that the sorting will start with uppercase, and will continue with the lowercase words behind. To get the lowecase words right beside the others, you can check now the 3rd parameter.

4. Parameter to define the font size

This parameter will allow you to increase or decrease the character size in the resulting Excel sheet.

A possible result (When events are selected)

How to start:

Right click on a group, choose Evaluate > Start Report ... 

Select the Category which you have used during the report import, and choose the report name.


After passing the second page in the report wizard, the new parameter screen will pop up. Choose the values for your request:

That's it! Now you should see the output.


Please keep in mind that this report has been developed for an English and German installation only. Some words might therefore not appear until you define the language values in the report appropriate.

Further more you may change the first list box according to your needs. As an example you may not want to offer events to be selected. This must be done, as of now, right in the code. Please make sure that the number of values in the array variables gs_objectList and gi_objNumList matches exactly.


I would be pleased if you can use this new version for your daily work with ARIS!

Best Regards


Please download the report from here

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