Hi everyone,

I work an a report(named R_main) and in this report I use createExecInfo and execute to call another report(named R1). As below:

    var execInfo = reportcomponent.createExecInfo ( reportGUID, [model], lang, outputFormat, reportName);
    var result = reportcomponent.execute(execInfo);

But if I choose some specific models there will be an error by the function execute, and the error says in R1

var outFile = Context.createOutputObject( Context.getSelectedFormat( ), Context.getSelectedFile( ) );

could not use a full path.

Directly running R1 on the same models there is no error.

So I want to check the Context.getSelectedFile( ), when I run R_main and R1 is called.

However the createExecInfo doesn't allow the called report to show any Dialogs.

Could anyone give some help?