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Who deserves the iPOD? Vote for your favorite process in the category 'funny'.

by Gülsüm Ucuran posted on 2009-11-30

Now voting starts. Who deserves the iPod Touch for the funniest ARIS Express model???

Vote for your favorite process. The most popular model is determined by ballot procedure (user voting).

I can't wait to see who will be the lucky winner ;-)

The winner will be announced on December 07, 2009. Here is a list with all entries in this category. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the actual voting.


  1. Für Anfänger (Press F7 @ any Key)
    by Andreas Solf
    Click on the keyboard!

  2. Donkey Kong even likes ARIS Express
    by Andy Borntraeger
    I was just a little kid when I played this game...
    I played hours and hours to beat Donkey Kong and get the princess back - never lost the fun playing this game. Today there are many "Mario games" on the market but this is the real Mario :)

  3. Business Improvement Process
    by Chris Manders
    Thought I'd add model that would be a bit of fun for all those ARIS lovers out there! Some of you may even find it informative! I have put this together fairly quickly, so please forgive me (or inform me) if any of the content is incorrect.

  4. ARIS Platform - BPM is fun
    by Dannis van der Heiden
    A funny model telling the general idea.

  5. How to get me that iPod
    by Els Booij
    Pondering how to get me that iPod I've always wanted....

  6. We will rock you
    by Frank Regel
    I dont know if it is the flew which let me do strange things with my mind but it came out something I did not expect...
    have you ever wondered how to remember a rock song?

  7. harlekin2
    by Frank Regel
    During I was doing a tutorial for a game grafic I was thinking about if that is possible in Express or General in ARIS as well. So I tried it and in fact, it works :-D

  8. Germany's next top model
    by Georg Simon
    I know we had this as a marketing ad last year but we did not have that wonderful ARIS Express software back then. 

  9. Seven Stages of a Project
    by Ivo Velitchkov
    Another classical thing, but unlike my previous "order-to-cash" entry, this one is more in line with Pascal's. I'm sure the content is known to most of you. What is probably not so popular and a really nice thing (and I'm impetient to see this in ARIS pro), is the usage of the "copy list/paste objects" (I'm not aware of the right name) capability which was the only reason I was able to put this together in less
    than a minute.

  10. Creating embroidery patterns with ARIS Express
    by Kerstin Bock
    If you would like to enjoy working with ARIS at home try creating embroidery patterns with ARIS Express;-)

  11. Find the Princess
    by Kristof Coussens

    I always liked the classic Super Mario Bros game on the NES.
    This is the complete first level (World 1-1) of that great game with some ARIS touch to it.
    The blocks are objects, the characters are a groupings of free form

  12. Getting an iPod for free
    by Marcus Kieling
    This models shows how to get an IPod for free

  13. X´mas tree
    by Mike Simon
    Several years ago, angry voices have described Aris as a 'painting tool'.
    In recent years, ARIS has proven that it is still much more than "just" a simple painting tool, but this does not mean that it can not be used as such one. 

  14. Magical Weekend...!!!
    by Parveen Jaswal
    Here I am presenting some of the magical ideas to get the best of your weekend....that too with a flavor of BPM and why not after all BPM is fun..:)

  15. Spirit of Halloween..!!!
    by Parveen Jaswal
    In the spirit of ongoing Halloween....!!!

  16. Dirty project swimlane
    by Pascal TREMONG
    Here is a model I have unfortunately seen many times in my career.
    I've attached a picture that inspired me and that illustrates perfectly what is produced by this process. I think you all know it.

  17. Download this advent calendar for a jolly Xmas time
    by Rune Becker
    We all anticipate Christmas. This advent calendar can help you to enjoy the time until Xmas.

  18. Another optical illusion: squares of different sizes?
    by Rune Becker
    Look at this graphic! Do you think the squares in the middle are taking more room than the other ones?

  19. Alternative season greetings (2 models)
    by Rune Becker
    So here's a "mode variant" of my season greetings posted earlier. This ons is "modeled" at night time, reflecting maybe better the shorter days and longer nights we are facing around Xmas.

  20. Amazing optical illusion
    by Rune Becker
    When it comes to painting using ARIS Express what about an optical illusion like this one, which is neither new nor one of mine.
    However, every time I look at the 2 squares I am convinced that A and B are filled with a different color.

  21. The Sound of ARIS
    by Sebastian Stein
    This image was created using ARIS Express. It is not an imported image, but it is made of serveral small yellow objects. Download the model and zoom in if you don't believe me!

  22. Just Another GTDM
    by Stefan Immelmann-Winter
    Just Another Getting Things Done Model

  23. EEC Treaty Adoption
    by Thierry Caro
    I saw a relatively similar diagram somewhere (cough! cough! not sure it qualifies for the contest)...
    No political message: it's just an As-Is.

  24. Express Checkers
    by Thierry Caro
    On a shared drive, we can play-although spending time on BPM is a better game !
    Now, ladies and gents, if I get his Ipod, I'll provide you with Chess and Backgammon... I promise.

  25. give me the ipod
    by Thomas Ball
    Why not make a process about how to get an ipod?

  26. My favorit sport
    by Uwe Wortmann
    Inspired of my coach`s tactic board I decided to model my favorite sport – a basketball game. My coach can describe our whole game with few lines – but it isn’t so easy.

  27. How to become a genius.How to become a genius
    by Vladimir Misharin
    Small fun diagram. Thank you for attention.
    P.S. I see ARIS first time and i should say thank you, for ARIS team. It's amazing)  

1 Andreas Solf - Fuer Anfaenger
0% (0 votes)
2 Andy Borntraeger - Donkey Kong even likes ARIS Express
2% (1 vote)
3 Chris Manders - Business Improvement Process
0% (0 votes)
4 Dannis van der Heiden - BPM is fun
9% (6 votes)
5 Els Booij - How to get me that iPod
0% (0 votes)
6 Frank Regel - We will rock you
3% (2 votes)
7 Frank Regel - harlekin2
0% (0 votes)
8 Georg Simon - Germany's next top model
0% (0 votes)
9 Ivo Velitchkov - Seven Stages of a Project
3% (2 votes)
10 Kerstin Bock - Creating embroidery patterns with ARIS Express
0% (0 votes)
11 Kristof Coussens - Find the Princess
23% (15 votes)
12 Marcus Kieling - Getting an iPod for free
2% (1 vote)
13 Mike Simon - X´mas tree
6% (4 votes)
14 Parveen Jaswal - Magical Weekend...!!!
2% (1 vote)
15 Parveen Jaswal - Spirit of Halloween..!!!
0% (0 votes)
16 Pascal TREMONG - Dirty project swimlane
0% (0 votes)
17 Rune Becker - Download this advent calendar for a jolly Xmas time
11% (7 votes)
18 Rune Becker - Another optical illusion: squares of different sizes?
2% (1 vote)
19 Rune Becker - Alternative season greetings (2 models)
2% (1 vote)
20 Rune Becker - Amazing optical illusion
0% (0 votes)
21 Sebastian Stein - The Sound of ARIS
5% (3 votes)
22 Stefan Immelmann-Winter - Just Another GTDM
2% (1 vote)
23 Thierry Caro - EEC Treaty Adoption
0% (0 votes)
24 Thierry Caro - Express Checkers
3% (2 votes)
25 Thomas Ball - give me the ipod
2% (1 vote)
26 Uwe Wortmann - My favorit sport
3% (2 votes)
27 Vladimir Misharin - How to become a genius.How to become a genius
22% (14 votes)
Total votes: 64
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by Amir Karacic
Posted on 2009-12-01

Magical impruvement process