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Who deserves the iPOD? Vote for your favorite process in the category 'useful'.

by Gülsüm Ucuran posted on 2009-11-30

Now voting starts. Who deserves the iPod Touch for the most useful ARIS Express model???

Vote for your favorite process. The most popular model is determined by ballot procedure (user voting).

I can't wait to see who will be the lucky winner ;-)

The winner will be announced on December 07, 2009. Here is a list with all entries in this category. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the actual voting.


  1. ITIL ref model
    by Alexander Cherednichenko
    There are some differences from classic but this model is working in general.

  2. Material Supply Sample Process
    by Alfredo Bandini
    This simple process describes the activities that have to be done in order to deliver the requested materials to a customer.

  3. Poverty mapping data model
    by Dr. Felicia Akinyemi
    A database conceptual model for the physical representation of location data for managing poverty reduction programs. This model portrays the information required to support the achievement of the World Millennium Development Goal to reduce worldwide by half the 1.2 billion people living on less than 1 USD daily (that is extreme poverty).

  4. Modeling eEPC using EPC
    by Ilya Pelevin
    There are a lot of education guides how to model eEPC. But there is no a complete model with particular steps how to create a business process. In my view it will be useful to have a complete guide at one's fingertips how to model a business process using EPC and ARIS Express.

  5. Order-to-Cash or BP Classics
    by Ivo Velitchkov
    That's a version of probably the most classical end-to-end process "Order-to-cash". Yet I still find it very useful for BPM training.

  6. Modelling the data compilation process within the UN Statistics
    Division in the National Accounts Section
    by Jens Chorus
    For my thesis I am designing a software prototype to simplify the process of data compilation and validation within the UNSTAT-National Accounts section.

  7. Process of cash withdrawal
    by Joel Goelzer
    Just a simple process how the cash withdrawal works at a bank machine.

  8. handle a Service by IT und Business
    by Jörg Grote
    Process or Subprocess Part to handle a Service Request and his Errors, designed in TIBCO Business Studio.

  9. Creating MindMaps with ARIS Express is quite easy
    by Kerstin Bock
    This ARIS Express model shows:
    • how to create MindMaps with ARIS Express
    • the features of ARIS Express.
  10. IAF / TOGAF Content meta model Map  (10 models)
    by Kris Nunes
    I was informed that ARIS Express was a very weak tool with not many options for modeling. Yesterday was the first time I worked on ARIS Express, and it was love at first sight. And looking at the filer options, I find that IDS was kind enough to provide a wide scope of modeling possibilities to even encourage the giant called "ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE MODELING".

  11. Corporate Procurement Process Flow
    by Ranoj Saha
    This model describes the corporate procurement process in general. It can be an useful model which can be updated to incorporate situation specific processes while defining business process roadmaps in this domain for any organization.

  12. Procurement Process
    by Renato Pessanha
    Macro Process Among many features offered by Aris Express, model process chain is one of them.

  13. ARIS Platform
    by Sebastian Stein
    The model shows the ARIS Platform and I submit the model in the category "BPM is useful". I used a "system landscape" diagram to give you an overview of the different ARIS Platform products. As you can see from the model, the ARIS Platform comprises 4 parts, namely: Controlling, Design, Implementation, and Strategy. Each part consists of several concrete products, which you can buy or get for free as in case of ARIS Express.

  14. Hotel Checkout
    by Thierry Caro
    I created this process map as an exercise during a process modeling training.  

  15. Schedule/Calendar Tool  (2 models)
    by Thierry Caro
    One aspect of my company is to develop and implement major IT solutions for airlines such as reservation,  inventory, departure control system, mid-back office etc...  So, we make extensive use of project management tools.  Recently our process mgt group has been sollicited to see if ARIS could provide quick and simple (not dirty) schedule plans, along with process maps...

  16. How to run an ARIS based modeling project
    by Uwe Roediger
    The ARIS Architect and Designer products are very powerful and offer a huge set meaningful functions. Many of the users are not aware from the beginning of all of these useful things. In my diagram I describe the most reasonable things you should care for when you start a modeling project with ARIS. It covers only the most important topics and does not claim to be absolutely complete. But if you care for the tips  I believe it will make your project setup easier.

  17. showcase for a full stack IT concept in 5 steps  (9 models)
    by Walter Mattes
    I try to give my picture following to the 5 steps (the process ;-)). Please keep in mind that the IT concept has alway two parts modells and text. So the result of the 5-step-process is not a maximum of "isolated" modells! The result is a document with a mixture of modells and explaining text.

  18. how-to-guide document a mash-up application (2 models)
    by Walter Mattes
    In this example the we can see a more domain centric approach. The domains are clustered by technology. You might use also the other approach as well...

1 Alexander Cherednichenko - ITIL ref model
22% (19 votes)
2 Alfredo Bandini - Material Supply Sample Process
0% (0 votes)
3 Dr. Felicia Akinyemi - Poverty mapping data model
2% (2 votes)
4 Ilya Pelevin - Modeling eEPC using EPC
8% (7 votes)
5 Ivo Velitchkov - Order-to-Cash or BP Classics
1% (1 vote)
6 Jens Chorus - Modelling the data compilation process
1% (1 vote)
7 Joel Goelzer - Process of cash withdrawal
0% (0 votes)
8 Jörg Grote - handle a Service by IT und Business
0% (0 votes)
9 Kerstin Bock - Creating MindMaps with ARIS Express is quite easy
1% (1 vote)
10 Kris Nunes - IAF / TOGAF Content meta model Map (10 models)
17% (15 votes)
11 Ranoj Saha - Corporate Procurement Process Flow
32% (28 votes)
12 Renato Pessanha - Procurement Process
2% (2 votes)
13 Sebastian Stein - ARIS Platform
1% (1 vote)
14 Thierry Caro - Hotel Checkout
1% (1 vote)
15 Thierry Caro - Schedule/Calendar Tool (2 models)
2% (2 votes)
16 Uwe Roediger - How to run an ARIS based modeling project
6% (5 votes)
17 Walter Mattes - showcase for a full stack IT concept in 5 steps (10 models)
2% (2 votes)
18 Walter Mattes - how-to-guide document a mash-up application
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 87
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