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Our ARIS Community, with more than 700,000 members, is a discussion platform for solutions, practices and topics relating to ARIS products. You could network and exchange your ideas with other ARIS Community members and join many discussions in our forums.  

And there is still more to gain. :-) As many of you already know, you can collect points for your activity in the ARIS Community, unlock achievements and get badges. It is a simple way to show others your activity and BPM expertise. In this post let’s focus on one of our remarkable achievements, the Contributor badge. 

How can the Contributor badge help you? 

Firstly, many ARIS beginners deal with challenging tasks and ask for support in the ARIS Community forums. Who can solve their problems? The answer is simple... We all! The ARIS Community members and our ARIS experts help by using a special tool – adding new comment. There is nothing more powerful in the BPM world than sharing knowledge. Finding solutions to questions can be also very intriguing for ARIS users and ARIS experts. Lastly, one comment may also be the beginning of an interesting and fruitful discussion.  

Try it today! Find a thought-provoking question in the forums, write a comment, in other words, use the most powerful ARIS Community tool, share your solution and continue like this for one week… :-) I am sure you not only gain the Contributor badge but more BPM experience and understanding. 

What else? 

In addition to points reflecting your activity in the ARIS Community, you can check out our sidebar on the right and there you will find the leaderboard with the all-time user or user of the week. 

Start commenting today, get 5 points for every comment and became the user of the week. :-) 

Zuzana from the ARIS Community team 

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