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Welcome to our tutorial on Connectivity for SAP Solutions.

In this tutorial, we will show you the Connectivity for SAP Solutions.

We will highlight some of the SAP-related modeling functionalities, the link between business processes in ARIS and the related blueprint in SAP Solution Manager, as well as the capability to jump into SAP backend systems.

We will demonstrate this based on an example. Our demo company United Motor Group wants to optimize its marketing and sales processes while implementing SAP.

To start, go to the new tab in ARIS and search for the start model. Double-click it. The corresponding model opens.

Now go through the process hierarchy and look at the SAP-specific modeling. Click on processes. The value-added chain describes the main functions of the United Motor Group. In the marketing and sales area we have defined as-is processes, as well as to-be processes. Let’s have a look at them. The as-is process describes the current processes. The to-be marketing and sales value-added chain then defines future processes that are to be supported in some area by the SAP solution. The symbol looks different. The light green function, as opposed to the dark green one, is an SAP- supported function. Open the properties and look at the symbol type. Open the next hierarchy level and look at the detailed value-added chain, including the “sales order processing” function. Open the event-driven process chain and see the corresponding process description, including SAP and non-SAP functions. Open the assignment and go into the details of the process step description in the so-called function allocation diagram. The process step includes documents, roles and SAP transactions.

Open the attributes and look at the related technical information. The ARIS for SAP attributes describe the interface with the SAP Solution Manager and define how the synchronization will deal with this specific object.

For example, the SAP function type sets the corresponding hierarchy level in the SAP Solution Manager, either scenario, process, or process step. The SAP component, the original name and the corresponding SAP Business Blueprint project are maintained.

Now, we will jump to the related SAP Business Blueprint. Click on “Show Solution Manager Blueprint” and see the corresponding information in the SAP Solution Manager.

The SAP business blueprint has been determined through the business process design in ARIS and includes among others, the same hierarchy, documents, roles and transactions.

From ARIS you can even start the corresponding transaction from the SAP backend system. Click on transaction, select the server and confirm. You are now in the transaction “create sales order” from the SAP system. This is the link between process design and the corresponding SAP information.

Now you know more about how ARIS supports the modeling of SAP-related processes and the synchronization with the SAP Solution Manager. This is used in all kinds of SAP projects, such as SAP implementations, upgrades and rollouts through all project phases such as blueprinting, testing and training.