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You will model the IT infrastructure of the "MyFavoriteBookExpress" company. To open the new model click on "IT infrastructure".

The IT infrastructure model illustrates the interrelationships between networks, as well as their hardware and structure. Thus, you can use it to entirely plan and document the network infrastructure.

First, you place the company network. Enter the name "Company network" for the object, format the name, and place it below the network symbol. Now, add the two computers as servers on which your systems are running. To be able to include software systems in the objects in a next step, enlarge the objects, assign names for them, and move the names to the top margin. Add the software systems that are installed on both computers. Customer management and supplier management are installed on the first computer. The second one provides logistics. CRM means Customer Relationship Management, SRM is Supplier Relationship Management Add the subnet. The subnet will include the systems that are using the data of the two Unix servers. Place the "Hardware 1" fragment in the subnet and assign the names System A to D to the objects. Reduce the spacing between the objects. Now, connect the components using a so-called switch. In a last step, add the internet connection used for receiving the book orders. In the connection properties select the dotted line to illustrate that the connection between "Firewall" and "Internet" is a connection between two networks. Save the model as "MyFavoriteBookExpress IT infrastructure".

You have modeled the IT infrastructure of the "MyFavoriteBookExpress" company.