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In this example you will plan a new version of ARIS Express. Your plan can be recorded in a Whiteboard model. To open the new model, click on "Whiteboard".

The Whiteboard enables you to record and structure the ideas you have collected. This makes it the perfect tool for collecting the results of your brainstorming sessions.

In the column "Overall goal" you can describe the superior objectives you wish to achieve for the rows "Activities", "Detail", etc. Insert a graphic in the first cell on the upper left for ARIS Express. This indicates that ARIS Express is the subject of the model. And now place the stages, that is the superior steps or sections, in the first row. ARIS Express helps you place the objects. If an object is not allowed in a cell, then the preview is displayed as struck through. Activities are actions that must be carried out within or for a stage. Since you have already inserted the categories in the form of stages, it's easy to assign activities. Place for example, "Measure performance" and "Plan bugfixing phase" for quality management. Now place the activities for the other categories. Afterwards your model looks like this. The activities are defined. But what are they supposed to achieve? First, the superior objectives should be achieved. Place the overall goals "User satisfaction" and "Meet time and budget requirements". Individual categories may have their own goals. Therefore place the goal "Usability" for the "Functionalities" category because you want ARIS Express to be user-friendly. Sometimes categories and their activities must be described in more detail. That's why there are Detail objects. Describe a feature of Functionality A in more detail. You need KPIs or Key Performance Indicators for Quality management and Community. In order to gauge the success of your measures you must define what shows the success. You have placed the required objects. Now you can optimize the height of the rows.

You have successfully created the sample model and seen how activities, goals, details and KPIs can be structured logically with a Whiteboard model.