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The following functions in ARIS Express help you when modeling BPMN diagrams. All of these functions will be shown in detail in the following.

Lists of symbols when placing basis objects. BPMN provides an aray of symbols. For a better overview, the base symbols will be shown first. When placing a base symbol, all of its associated symbols are displayed. The usable symbols are colored in the list. Because, for example, an Error event CANNOT be placed as a start event, it is not shown as colored.

Mini toolbar to accelerate modeling. The mini toolbar allows quick modeling.

BPMN pop-up menu for converting object symbols The tires should always be changed at a certain date. Therefore, change the "start event" to a "timer event".

More room for modeling due to self-adjusting pool and lane names. Pools are used to indicate the participants of a process and express their organizational affiliation. You see, the name of the pool was automatically rotated so that the room available for modeling in the pool is optimized.

Object positions that adapt to changes in the pool size. When you change the size of the pool, the position of the objects contained in it is adjusted in relation to the pool. When you move a pool, the objects in it are also moved without having to be selected separately.

Objects that move with the pool. When you move a pool, the objects in it are also moved without having to be selected separately.

Automatic size adjustment when inserting lanes and the insertion of lanes per dialog. When you pull a lane into a pool to divide it up, two lanes of the same size are automatically arranged in the pool.

The automatic conversion of symbols when drawing connections. In this example, as soon as you draw a connection from "Initiate tire change" to the start event, it automatically becomes the object symbol "Message start event". This is because messages are exchanged between the two pools. The end event is also transformed into the symbol "Message end event" when you draw a connection in the other pool to the object "Initiate tire change".

The direct assignment of text information to selected connections. It's easy to place text information.

Now you know more about the modeling support that ARIS Express offers for creating BPMN diagrams.