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You can use data from ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager in ARIS MashZone to create evaluations.

First you use data lists in ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager to create an ARIS MashZone URL. Then in ARIS MashZone you establish a direct link to ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager to access the corresponding data. And finally, you configure a graphical representation. You can also manually create or edit the URL created in ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager.

The details of these processes will be introduced in this and further videos.

In this video you will learn more about the topic "Editing an ARIS MashZone URL".

The URL generated in ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager is composed of the following components: server address, query list, language of language-dependent attributes, filter criteria and a conclusion.

The server address comes first. Its composition depends on the installation and configuration of ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager.

The name of the list to be used for creating the URL follows. In our example, this is the list of risk types.

Then the language is displayed in which the language-specific contents will be output in ARIS MashZone.

The filter criteria are next. You can supplement them with additional parameters if you add the relevant attributes plus comparator and attribute value in the predefined format. The abbreviations for these comparators can be used for the filter criteria.

The following rules apply to these comparison operators: If several filters refer to different attributes, then they are AND-linked in the resulting query. If several filters refer to the same attribute, then they are OR-linked. An asterisk can be used as a placeholder for the operators Like and Not like. If "between" is used to query dates or ranges of numbers, separate the limits of the range behind the operator with a comma.

The following examples show manually adjusted URLs.

The query definition is finalized with Query end.

You just saw how you can edit ARIS MashZone URLs. To find out more about how to create an ARIS MashZone URL take a look at the video "Creating an ARIS MashZone URL". For more information about using an ARIS MashZone URL please see the video "Using an ARIS MashZone URL".