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This page showcases a selection of our favorite reference cases. We are proud to offer our software free of charge for education and research purposes and would like to take this opportunity to share success stories of Universities using our software.

Reference Videos

Widener University, USA

Professor Yvonne Antonucci talks about using ARIS at Widener University to educate the next generation on Business Process Analysis and collaborating on processes. Watch the full video.


University of Applied Science Neu-Ulm, Germany

Listen to the host Prof. Grieble and Dr. Julian Krumeich along with Josèphe Blondaut on why ARIS leads to best-in-class SAP® Solutions! Watch the full video.


Showcase at DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), Germany

The showcase built by our partner DFKI, the German research center for artificial intelligence, combines 8925 LEGO bricks, 23 sensors, 14 motors and eight controller modules—and our latest release, ARIS 10, featuring ARIS Aware, IoT and mobile integration. See how to build a tractor in a LEGO factory and how to intelligently design the whole value chain in ARIS. Watch the full video.


Saarland University, Germany

ARIS expert, Tom Thaler was at CEBIT 2018 and explains what Enterprise Digital Twin means, how it works and what LEGO has to do with all this. Watch the full video.


Teacher teaching with ARIS, Germany

Teacher Knut Harms explains how to easily model processes like EPKs with ARIS. Events, functions, resources and organizational units according to the ARIS House of Prof. Scheer are also discussed. This video training is used to optimally prepare students for lessons, exams and university.


International teaching Video Series

This video training series is located at Frankfurt Airport and uses vivid real-life examples to explain the different views of the ARIS house.





Reference sheets (PDFs)


Radboud University, Netherlands

In 2014, Radboud University selected Software AG to supply its new solution for documenting and making architecture information available. Read the full process and solution here.



University of Leipzig, Germany

Since 2009, the University of Leipzig has been offering market-oriented projects developed by Software AG specifically for educators. Not only do students glean technical skills, but more importantly they establish professional social skills and contact to a company as well. Read the full story here.


University of Applied Science Saarland, Germany

With the ARIS Education Package (AEP), Software AG offers an educational solution tailored to meet the university’s wish for an encompassing Business Process Management (BPM) lecture package. Students get a comprehensive overview of current processes within the company while they learn the best possible way to transform these into the digital era. Read the full story here.


Vocational School for Economics BSW, Germany

An important ability for trainees with higher qualifications is to be able to "think in processes". As the curriculum only covers part of this requirement for the students, the subject of Business Process Management has been integrated into the curriculum with ARIS @ school from Software AG. Read the full story here (German only).



Process Modelling with ARIS

This book by Professor Seidlmeier offers a comprehensive introduction to the ARIS concept and practical work with the software. The aim is to enable students to do daily work and simple projects with ARIS independently. The focus is on modeling and model evaluation.Click here for a preview of the book (German only).


Crash Course Process Modelling

The "Crash Course Process Modeling - EPK & Co - as easy as never before" by Knut Harms is aimed at everyone who wants to learn the basics of business process modeling in a manageable time frame.Click here for a preview of the book (German only).




Become Part of our reference program and get awarded by telling your story. Just contact us at university@softwareag.com