Hi all,

we use in ARIS 9.8 two databases and two method filters.

In our project database we use the project filter for modeling and in Connect we can see all as expected.

And we have an other database in an experimental state. That's why we use the Entire Method for modeling. When I look to the properties of this database, the method filter is the Entire Method. And every relevant user group is set only to the Entire Method in this database. (In the administration tab, the properties of the user group, page Method Filter, only the Entire Method is checked)

But in Connect I can see only objects that are also in the project filter. All the other objects have no color and a dashed frame. So I guess, the project filter is in use instead of the Entire Method.

I'm in despair. What did I miss?

I would be very happy if anyone could help me and give me a hint.

Many thanks in advance for every help.