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ARIS Process World 08

As already mentioned in a my post from ARIS ProcessDay in Split , the IDS Scheer Tablesoccer Championship Finals were held in Berlin. On 8 tables , 32 teams played in 4 groups.

IDS Scheer Tablesoccer Championship

After one hour, two teams had reached the final: Team CosmoPost and Team Soccer Process Management from IDS Scheer. CosmosPost, a joint team from Cosmos Versicherung and Deutsche Post won with 6:3. It was a very hard, but fair match. The winners received a nice trophy and, of course, the IDS Scheer fan scarf.

Table Soccer

After the championship finals, the ARIS UserDay community watched the Germany vs. Austria Euro2008 match. In addition to the game, food and German beer perfected the atmosphere. I talked to many visitors and they all loved the evening event. Especially the Germans--> Probably because Germany won 1:0 against Austria. Also the visitors from Croatia were especially happy because they played 1:0 against Poland. What is most important: During the entire evening event, all fans had a great party together , no matter what team they cheered for!


Here my short summary of the ARIS UserDay Evening event:


  • Excellent table soccer matches
  • Happy winners from team CosmosPost
  • 2 good Euro2008 matches
  • Great atmosphere
  • Happy visitors


What else do you need.... !?