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ARIS ProcessWorld on tour in Munich, Prague and Copenhagen is coming up and I am preparing presentations and live demos for the ARIS Innovations. This really keeps me busy, because IDS Scheer introduces a whole firework of innovations to the market this year. <!--more-->Here are the highlights which you can experience live@ARIS ProcessWorld on tour:

ARIS Express ARIS Express gives everyone - from student to business user - free access to software from the market leader to launch their BPM initiative. The simple, innovative modeling interface enables instant results.

ARIS Community The new ARIS Community is becoming the digital home of every ARIS fan and BPM user. Members can interact with each other in the social BPM network, distribute and review content, form groups, and download the free ARIS Express software.

ARIS Rocket Search ARIS Rocket Search gives all users, regardless of process knowledge, ultra-fast, easy access to every type of process information. This significantly increases reuse of best practices and boosts communication of processes and guidelines.

ARIS Governance Engine Corporate efficiency and effectiveness can be improved by defining and automating governance processes as part of process management, IT architecture management, and policy management. With ARIS Governance Engine, departmental users can perform all the tasks needed to define and execute governance processes without the need for IT support.

ARIS MashZone ARIS MashZone enables employees without any programming experience to combine different data sources based on a particular situation or task and visualize the results in attractive mashups. The Web 2.0 approach means that users can share their mashups with other users and/or redeploy them.

ARIS Process Performance Manager 5 The new version of ARIS PPM got a completely new in-memory architecture, which stores data directly in main memory. This delivers outstanding speed for analyzing process information and extracting the required data. The new architecture also provides unique analysis options and simplified handling.

ARIS for SAP (Enterprise Services Repository integration) ARIS Business Architect for SAP accesses the SAP Enterprise Services Repository to integrate services with business processes. To make processes more flexible and prevent proprietary development, suitable SAP ES Repository services are identified and assigned. This speeds up the SAP SOA project and ensures alignment with the needs of business and IT. Read more about the SAP Enterprise Services Repository integration in this post. If you want to know more about these innovations you should visit ARIS ProcessWorld on tour either in Munich, Prague or Copenhagen. I am looking forward to meeting you there personally.