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ARIS MashZone 2.0

Today we are publishing the second version of MashZone. It introduces a bunch of new features which are described here in the community. MashZone makes it easy to combine data from entirely different sources. Results are presented within appealing mashups.

ARIS MashZone 2.0 Creates Transparency

Enterprise Edition introduced

With the release of the second version much has changed in MashZone. There are many new features (read below) but - in addition - an entirely new Edition has been added: Enterprise Edition. Our official website explains the details; there is a feature matrix to find the edition fitting your needs best. But let me highlight the most important updates here. MashZone Enterprise…

  • …helps you distributing dashboards within the entire company. Assuming that there are many people interested in consuming KPIs, goal accomplishments, trends, etc. and fewer authoring such reports. Enterprise license model takes this into account. You may license content consuming and content authoring users independently.
  • …connects to your central user database, e.g. Active Directory. This enables you to reuse organizational structures (roles, group memberships) to implement separation of concerns, access rights and so on. And you never need another password to remember, just reuse the one you enter every morning after starting your computer.
  • …enables you to distribute mashups to anonymous audiences. Do you want to show your SLA-fulfillment to your business partner (or vise verse)? Do you want to show key stats of your business to all your employees? If a mashup author decides to share nobody needs a password to view mashups. In fact our gallery demonstrates this already. Nothing required on your side. No password, no files, no installed software, except a Flash enabled browser.
  • …is all about your content. Therefore you can turn off the ARIS MashZone branding to focus on your figures. The image below depicts the difference. The same mashup twice: On the left hand embedded into a portal on the right hand side the conventional way.
    One mashup viewed twice: With and without branding

More features...

Recently there had been some articles published by Yvonne, Christian and me about the upcoming version of MashZone. And there will be further posts soon. In this entry I summarize them, so the list will grow and I invite you to use this URL as reference (this post will be edited to reflect updates).

As of today we revealed these features.

  1. Maps in MashZone become customizable: User-Defined Vector Maps
  2. MashApps can be embedded into websites or portals such as iGoogle: Links to MashApps
  3. Read from any relational database: MashZone supports JDBC
  4. Maps again: Yes, MashZone 2.0 integrates with Google Maps™.
  5. ARIS Business Server connectivity: Reuse your existing Excel reports in MashZone (with video)

So stay tuned for further updates on MashZone 2.0! If you are curious you may already download the most recent version of MashZone from our website